RICE-N | AI for Global Climate Cooperation

RICE-N simulator wins the Netexplo Innovation Award in 2023. We believe this competition opens the way for beneficial contributions to several different areas in research and policy.

Researchers and engineers: Whether it be in Economics, Machine Learning, Agent-based Modelling, Game Theory, Political Science, Behavioral Science, Mathematics, Computer Science, Complex Systems or any other discipline you believe to be relevant, this competition identifies and creates many opportunities for innovation. For example, negotiation protocols between different regions are one of the keys to the encourage climate mitigation. One of the goal of this competition is to design a negotiation mechanism between different regions so that agents may not only maximize their own utility but also care more about the collective goal — carbon emission mitigation We envision diversity as a strength, not a weakness. Solving problems that affect each and every person calls for transversal thinking, multifaceted contributions and collaboration.

Policy writers and makers: Transmuting good research into tangible political results creates long lasting change, and properly communicating outcomes to governments is just as necessary as the research itself. We envision clear communication and actionable, targeted recommendations as a pillar of change and an important skill for anyone looking to make an impact.

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Tianyu Zhang
Tianyu Zhang
Ph.D. Student in Machine Learning

My research interests include Algorithmic Game Theory, Agent-based Model Simulator, AI for Climate Change, Multi-agent Reinforcement Learning, Self-supervised Learning, Domain Adaptation. I am still exploring and learning slowly.